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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Off Topic -- A book "review"

More of a synopsis really.

When I'm not busy with Scott, my friends, watching my varying scripted TV series, or playing with my duck and the bunny, I have strong feelings about the subjects of this book: A mother, a father, and the 8 children whose lives their decisions affect.
Pamela J. Ashworth's review of The Secret World of Jon and Kate

I've disabled comments, as all the ones I have received to date have not been in English and contained links to sites I would not recommend my readers visit (I believe they contained viruses or malware). Therefore, should you wish to comment or throw rotten fruit, I can be reached by using the "Contact Pam" link in the upper left corner of the very outdated top frame of this page.

Thanks for your indulgence.

I now return you to Scott News. Please see below for articles about Scott's upcoming appearances (yes, the left frame is out-dated too) at DragonCon in Atlanta in September, The release of the Men of a Certain Age DVDs in November, The premiere date for season 2, and The Charity Golf Tournament in L.A. (You Can click on any of the LABELS at the end of this post (and then scroll past *this* post again) to get a pageful of posts on the topic you are interested in.)

There are lots of articles being written about the possibility of a Quantum Leap movie, but all we know right now is that Don is writing a script, there may be a big name directing (or not - I missed a couple of words) and Scott and Dean will have minor roles. And no, we don't know how minor. And considering the way Hollywood works, it could still all come to nothing, therefore I refuse to get my hopes up at all until they at least begin shooting. And there are no projected dates for that. I'm just looking forward to Men of a Certain Age.

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