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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Appearances -- CHICAGO Wizard World Comic Con

In order to see Scott's Chicago appearance, scroll to the bottom of the page.
(For those of you who missed the info on Philadelphia, here it is again.)
Scott Bakula, Captain Jonathan Archer from “Star Trek: Enterprise,” Joins the Wizard World Comic Con Tour! : Wizard World Comic Cons : PHILADELPHIA COMIC CON MAY 31 - JUNE 1-2-3, 2012 THUR-FRI-SAT-SUN Pennsylvania Convention Center : TONS MORE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS!

These are the dates for the Chicago Con: Thu, Aug 9 2012, 12:00p.m. - Sun, Aug 12 2012, 5:00p.m. but PLEASE NOTE: Scott will also be doing the Vegas Con that weekend, so make sure which dates he will be appearing.

If you need information on the other conventions (boy he's conventioning this year!) Click the tag Conventions, below. 

Article/Interview -- Scott Bakula Teases Drama Beyond the Courtroom - Hollywood Reporter

'Desperate Housewives' Guest Star Scott Bakula Teases Drama Beyond the Courtroom - Hollywood Reporter

Desperate Housewives airs Tonight - Sunday, 9pm ET, on ABC. Scott will be on  all the episodes through the finale.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

TV -- Scott will *actually* be in Five episodes of Desperate Housewives

You've already seen one of them. And ABC is counting differently. But according to
Shows A-Z - desperate housewives on abc | it actually does come out to five.

In related Stuff That Is Not News I asked Scott in May of 2005 what he watched on TV and he mentioned Desperate Housewives (he also mentioned Grey's Anatomy "sometimes", House, and his favorite at the time, Boston Legal.)

Article/Interview: Scott Bakula discusses Desperate Housewives

'Desperate Housewives': Scott Bakula discusses Bree's murder case and the pre-finale mood - From Inside the Box - Zap2it

Friday, April 27, 2012

Article/Interview -- Scott on Desperate Housewives, also discusses Smash

Desperate Housewives' Scott Bakula on Joining the Series' End - Today's News: Our Take |

Desperate Housewives also reunites Bakula with Alyson Reed, who plays the judge presiding over Bree's trial. Reed was the Marilyn Monroe to Bakula's Joe DiMaggio in the short-lived 1983 Broadway musical Marilyn: An American Fable — a show which has recently returned to the spotlight thanks to the hit NBC drama Smash, which centers on the staging of a new Marilyn Monroe musical.
"I've watched it all," Bakula says of the series. "We had a really good laugh when we saw each other because we know that they've been throwing our failed musical under the bus on a weekly basis."
Scott will be (finally) on Desperate Housewives (again) this coming Sunday and next. Amusingly his character is named Trip.  And of course, to make his father happy (kidding) he will again be playing a lawyer.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pictures -- Scott photos from Snap

“Snap,” also starring Scott Bakula, is described as a psychological thriller set in the world of underground Dubstep.
and here are two pictures

thanks to Barbara

Lots of Scott News This Morning

Pictures from Toronto Con, from Snap, and just a lot of things going on. I have to run, so I'm sending you to SBFF for the rest of the news.

Appearances -- Scott at Destination Star Trek London -- October 19 - 21

or, as Reuters puts it, 
All five 'Star Trek' captains unite at London event ! 
Yay, UK!
thanks to Bibi

Sunday, April 1, 2012

TV -- Scott *will* be on Desperate Housewives tonight Sunday 4/1

ABC 9pm ET.
My DVR still doesn't list him (sigh) but he will be there.

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