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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Podcast -- Friday

Wow! New category!
Scott will be on something called Come To Papa, on Friday.
It's a podcast, which means you can pick it up later, but apparently you can also listen live.
The girls on SBFF have all the links and info, so visit them, here for more.

Friday, September 13, 2013

TV/Awards/Appearances/Catch-up -- Scott On Emmy Nerves And News!

In this article Scott discusses the upcoming Emmys.
In other news, Scott will be presenting at the Creative Arts Emmys, airing Sept 21 on the new FXx network (not original FX)
Scott has a recurring role in an HBO series premiering in '14. I have to go find the title. Apparently not a memorable title. As soon as I can get the page to load.... The HBO series, Looking.
Also, sometime semi-recently, Scott & Chelsea went to dinner somewhere and paparazzi were annoying. There's video. Thanks to Sheryl for that.
In other news, Scott played golf. There are at least two pictures of that.
Oh, and Enterprise was released on Bluray, which spawned a whole new set of commentary (and a group photo of the entire cast) as well as a whole bunch of interviews which I was apparently too busy to read. So,
For up to the minute News and Drooling, visit the SBFF.
On Facebook, just for fun, check out Scott Bakula's White Streak.
(There are ducklings in my yard.)

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