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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Request to Scott fans

The ratings for Chuck last night were... significantly "less good." We therefore request that you watch the show live (the networks get bigger ad dollars to live than for DVR ratings) and try to get your friends to watch. The more viewers we have, the better our chances for a 4th season (and Schwartz & Fedak blessing us with more Scott.)

Interviews -- From PaleyFest

There are a few more PaleyFest related articles (and one video). I'm not sure which are just a fleshing out of the panel plus Q&A and which are interviews conducted by the person writing them.
TV Guide #1
TV Guide #2 (more Scott in this one).
appears to be The PaleyFest blog
Video Interview from themovieguy
...the show's sophomore season, which Bakula estimates will begin shooting in July.
Royce said the next season will likely increase to 12 episodes
thanks to Paula and Cynthia for these, as I've been working so hard to keep up on Facebook that I skip over my google alerts!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pictures -- from PaleyFest

A friend introduced me to Zimbio a while back and I forgot all about it, till I got the Alert. Enjoy. (Scott looks great.)

Detail -- PaleyFest Writeup

from thefutoncritic
thanks to Paula

Picture -- Scott @ Paleyfest

from Chuck fan Yokaputo

Friday, March 12, 2010

Online Live -- Tonight at 10

@paleycenter will be tweeting live from backstage during the Men of a Certain Age (with Scott) panel tonight @ 10pm ET

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Twitter -- Scott on Chuck

RT @ larrynemecek: Cold day in LA but Trek vets on "Chuck" crew are warm as ever. And Scott Bakula is back... Trek2Chuck lives!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Site" News -- Top and Side Frames

I'm finally updating some of the things in the top and side frames like the date and Upcoming/Recent Scott stuff and Scott rerun airings. I couldn't do it for a while because coding it by hand seemed to mess it up and Dreamweaver is on my other laptop
I'm sure you will find some typos, but there it is. Dennis needs to borrow the laptop again.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Men of a Certain Age "surpassed" expectations

In an Interview with Broadcasting & Cable’s Melissa Grego, Turner Entertainment Networks President Steve Koonin spoke in absolutely glowing terms when it came to Men of a Certain Age:
Men of a Certain Age just wrapped its first season this week. You’ve ordered a second. Did it perform as you hoped?

This show surpassed every expectation I had. Our criteria are critical success, for which we got a check-plus; adding value to sales clients and cable affiliates, that’s a check-plus; and potential in ratings, [another] check-plus. It couldn’t have performed better than it did
this is from Broadcasting & Cable by way of TVByTheNumbers

Ratings -- Men of a Certain Age, Finale

TV By The Numbers gives the final ratings for MOCA.
TNT’s critically acclaimed series Men of a Certain Age closed its first season out with 2.6 million viewers (Live + Same Day) Monday night, with outstanding growth across the board when compared to the previous week’s episode. The season finale audience is expected to grow substantially when final Live + 7 data is available in two weeks. Current blended data shows the series averaging 4 million viewers for its first season.
thanks to Helene for the reminder, as I did not post this when I first saw it, which was apparently... today, though I could have sworn it was longer ago.

Interview -- More from the Chuck Phone Q&A

NBC confirmed a while back that Scott Bakula would be around for one of the later episodes of the season. Is there anything you can say about what he's doing or additionally anyone else that we are familiar with that might be making a return appearance before the season's out?

Joshua Gomez: He's doing awesome work I can tell you that much. Get Scotty Bak.

Zachary Levi: I know this is a spoiler and we're not supposed to talk about it but it turns out Scott Bakula is my dad. Yeah, I don't know. He really is doing fantastic work. I can't even tell you how much I love Scotty Bak. That guy is not only super talented but he is so fun. Like he's like a little kid like... You know, we'll just break into song or do funny voices and but he's such a pro like just like to a T. You know, just always on his moments, always diving into this character, Steven Bartowski who is very odd and kitschy and quirky and brilliant and, you know, and he brings it every time, every scene and it's such a pleasure to work opposite him. And, you know, and Josh gets to work with him as well so it's nice when you have a guest star that, you know, kind of traverses both the spy and personal life.
thanks to Mera

Monday, March 1, 2010

TV -- Three Eps of Chuck Confirmed by "NBC Rep"

Okay, I'll buy it now. The NBC rep is unnamed, but he did say the word "three." :-)

Can you talk about what Scott Bakula is doing this season?
Gomez: He's doing awesome work, I can tell you that much.

Levi: I know this is a spoiler and we're not supposed to talk about it, but it turns out he's my dad. He really is doing fantastic work -- I can't even tell you how much I love him. ... He's always on his moments, he dives into this character of Steven Bartowski, who's very odd and quirky and brilliant. He brings it every time.

How many episodes will he be in?
Levi: Can we say? I believe he is doing three episodes at the end. [An NBC rep confirms that Bakula will be on three episodes "in the very last part of the season."]
thanks to the NBC rep and Hottest Celebrity Photos 2010 (?)

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