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Monday, February 28, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Online -- Bakology (The Study of Scott) WEEK 1 at SBFF

Long, long ago on a website far, far away, Helene and Layla joined forces to create a website dedicated to the history of Scott's career - in bi-weekly increments.
It was derailed by Real Life, but it is now back, taking up transient residence on the SBFF (yup - same SBFF: when they offer to share, I don't quibble).

WEEK 1: 1954 - 1976 is currently up, and if I read it correctly (it's 1 am so possibly I didn't) it's only the downloads that will be limited to a 7 day life-span, but whatever it is that is only 7 days, you should definitely get yourself over there, and read it. Preferably when you are awake. :-)

And for those of you who wonder why I would post a link to this after the previous post, I will quote Helene's post on the topic:

Feel free to enjoy all of the things I post or offer download links for but I would appreciate it if none of the items nor links were reposted to other websites. Links to the posts on the SBFF, however, are always welcome.

So there it is - a link to the SBFF (above).
As far as I am aware - feel free to correct me - credit for this is to Helene for putting it together and Trudy for hosting. So, thanks to both of them. I actually do appreciate it when people take the time to assemble information (and this one is going to be a lot of work - which is most of the reasons I've never done it. (Also, when I started my "site," Ailsa was covering Scott's past work, so I just posted a link to her site - she just never did it with visual aids.))

Monday, February 21, 2011

Appearance in Australia -- Star Trek 2011 Event -- Australia

Scott will be in Melbourne and Sydney in April.
thanks to Lisa
And to the SBFF which has collectively chosen not to share news with Scott fans who don't know they exist, a crash in my bathroom and helping my friend find where she lost Twitter means no time for seeking out a secondary source. Way to emulate Scott, guys. (Sadly, this view represents only approx. 3% of Scott fans, at SBFF or anywhere.)

TV -- Scott NOT on Lopez Tonight

My DVR has finally corrected itself and no, Scott's not on.

TV -- Scott on William Shatner's Raw Nerve

Scott will be on William Shatner's Raw Nerve Monday, February 28 10:30pm ET on Biography Channel (NOT A&E)

Go here to watch a clip
I have not watched the clip cause I don't like spoilers - I just avoid clips on anything I've already decided to watch. (I really did spoil myself for the Informant, though. Sadly.)
I'm looking forward to this interview a lot.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My DVR thinks Scott will be on Lopez Tonight Monday night

really, Tuesday morning, at midnight on TBS. The show's website does NOT list Scott but rather lists Kate Gosselin.

Appearance/Benefit -- Golf in Rancho Mirage

Scott will be golfing in the Kraft Nabisco Championship in Rancho Mirage, March 29-30.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Video -- SAG Awards Toast

A split second glimpse of Scott at :29 doing the toast at The 17th SAG Awards at the Shrine Auditorium.
Those of us who watched it live didn't see much more (and didn't hear whatever Scott said)
thanks to She who dislikes being credited.

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