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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interview -- Mike Royce of Men of a Certain Age - Mid-season post-mortem

Alan Sepinwall interviews Mike Royce. Mid-season post-mortem. Ray wanted to do 10 eps - TNT wanted 12. Baketball(?) interrupted last year and tanked the ratings.

So this was what they proposed: "Why don’t you do 4 and 8, or 6 and 6?" And the problem with doing less than 6 is you’re not eligible for things - Emmy-wise and things like that. Otherwise we could have maybe done a mini-season - and then that would have pissed somebody off too. It all pisses everybody off, but the bottom line is that this is the only way we can get on into the summer because the summer is where the ratings are. And for us, it’s the best plan even though it sounds like right now it’s pissing people off.

But the alternative, and TNT didn’t leave it up to us, would have been to say, “No, TNT. We know better. We’re going to run the 10 again just like before." And then we might have our ratings suck and then have them go, "Well, see, we told you so and sorry.”

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