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Monday, January 10, 2011

DON'T PANIC -- It's not the "Season Finale"

If you got an email that said "Watch the Men of a Certain Age Season Finale tonight" -- Don't freak out. (that's a Chuck Reference)
There will be 6 more episodes of season two in the summer... or spring... or June... or whenever TNT decides to air them. This is not a "burn-off," we are not canceled. Airing them 6 and 6 was the original plan.

Now, don't forget to watch tonight at 10pm ET on TNT. Chuck appears to be a rerun, but if you would like, it's on tonight at 8 on NBC. No Scott - not even a voice-over, but hey, you never know what may transpire if we get another season (which I just can't even imagine happening... but that's only cause it would be season *4*)

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