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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brief Editorial

I started this site in 95 cause I really loved Scott (not romantically of course) and I wanted to share him with "new" people who might be interested in him, and share news of him with any fans who just wanted news (no chatter - maybe people who loved Scott but were busy or had many fandoms - like I would love to find sites that would quickly give me the latest on Donny Osmond and Josh Groban. They each have sites but I don't feel either is doing it). Just the facts - a quick dose of Scott news and a heads up if he was going to be "seeable" somewhere.

I became a fan of Scott in 93/94 for a specific reason that a fan a Dragon Con just reminded me of.

I'd heard for years that "when Scott is talking with you, it's like you are the only person in the world." Years later, at the funeral of Donny Osmond's mother, one of her sons gave a eulogy of "I Was Mom's Favorite." She had 9 kids, but it was the same thing - she made everyone, when she interacted with them, feel that way. That's a talent - it's not an act, it's sincere, but still a talent, to aspire to. This is one of the main reasons I love Scott. He knows how to give people that feeling. I don't have that talent. Haven't learn it yet. But I do have the feeling that I want everyone to have that experience from him. And that's why, even after almost 15 years and even though I've developed a lot of other "hobbies" and things I need to get through online, and sometimes I miss a piece of Scott news here and there (though hopefully, I catch it in time for you to watch it or get there) I still have to do this:

I love Scott. I want you to have the chance to experience that too.
So I'll be here - before you miss it.

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