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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Review -- Z on TV -- Men of A Certain Age

Let me tell you how much I like TNT's new drama series, "Men of a Certain Age." The cable channel sent me five hours worth of screeners, and I watched all five back-to-back Saturday -- and would have watched another five hours of the series if they had sent them.

Outside of Tony Soprano, middle-aged, existential male angst has rarely been explored with any intelligence or sensitivity on TV. But it is here.

Then, there is the acting. Five minutes into the pilot, I believed totally in this world, these characters and their lives.

Bakula is the character that is going to get critics calling this series "Sex and the City" for baby boomer men. But that's not really an apt description -- too simplistic and glib. Bakula's Terry just seems to enjoy women -- and to talk unselfconsciously about the physical ways he enjoys them. In the fifth episode, when he starts to show more depth and soul, Bakula makes you believe in that part of Terry's character, too.

I wasn't going to do this, but I am getting so wound up remembering how much I enjoyed watching the show

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