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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Events --The Captains NY & LA Screenings

For those of you in NY and LA, there will be a free The Captains NY Screening on July 30
I'm sure that those of you in LA can figure out from the website when the LA Screening is.

thank you to the fans who still eat, sleep, and breathe Scott, for the work they put into finding the Scott news.

I realize that some of you feel I have this website in order to "be important" - but that's not it. It's for the fans who don't have time to hang out on message boards and just want the Scott news, without the chatter and our drooling. I still would like to find a Josh Groban site and a Donny Osmond site that feature "the news and only the news." Donny's may at one time, but it got a new design. Josh's news usually missed his website and landing amid a million posts on his message board. :-( *News only* pages, folks - I beg you! Life is busy. And now even moreso with 2 high maintenance pets and Facebook.

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