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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Site News -- I Don't Like LIKE

If you've never seen the Facebook LIKE button, you've been away from the internet for a few months. The LIKE button is everywhere and it's sending data regarding you (don't ask me which data) back to Facebook, if you click on it. There's even a LIKE button on SBFF.
I generally don't cry "the sky is falling!" but I have an aversion to Facebook's uquity (even though I have an account myself, and I use it LOT) and datagrathering activities. It's not just a button, it's an Iframe with javascript in it. For more info, feel free to google it.

My point, and I do have one, is that Facebook is also trying hard to outstrip Google as a search engine (even though it's not a search engine but a social media site) the idea is, people are more likely to follow, visit, buy from a site or company their friends liked. (Facebook recently partnered with Bing, to "make searching more social."

So, since I refuse to invade your privacy by putting Facebook's LIKE button on my site, feel free to use the Twitter button at the bottom of each post to share this site with your friends or followers. You won't end up adding to Facebook's profile on you, and you might even push BakulaNews up a bit, in the search engines. (Or link to me - that will do it too.) The only reason I care about being "up there" in Google is so people can find out (more/news) about Scott (was it exciting to be #1? Sure, but it's not the goal here.)

And for those of you reading the side menu or the date on the top frame, yes, I know they are way out of date (most of the links still work, though) I just have to drag out the computer with Dreamweaver in order to update them, and I haven't)

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