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Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is more a slam at TNT than a Eulogy for Men of a Certain Age.

In the many years I have watched TV - I've had many a show die. Every now and then, however, a show does not die - it is murdered. This happened to Men of a Certain Age. And the worst part is, it wasn't murdered cause the network hated it - it was cause they loved it.

Season 1 was 10 eps that started in December, and ran mostly every week.
Season 2 was 12 eps that ran half in December and half "in the summer."
Why was this? Cause TNT wanted 12 eps when Ray wanted 10 and TNT wanted them in summer 2010 when they weren't *ready* yet. TNT wanted a summer series - but they couldn't wait.

It's really very sad to have a show murdered, and for once because it was so badly wanted. Especially after the absolutely wonderful promotion that TNT gave the series before it premiered its first season. I believe Bakula fans all over were saying "promotion? what's that?" with stunned looks on their faces as billboards the size of large buildings advertised the show.

And so, I'm sad, that a great show died an unnatural death... because it was so good.

TNT - We Used To Know Drama but Now We Just Know Money.
(Your one saving grace was admitting you had canceled the show - something Les Moonves couldn't even see fit to do when he canceled Mr. & Mrs. Smith in November of 1996. I watch two shows on CBS these days. That's one hour per week.)

I'll be deleting those eps of Franklin & Bash I never watched. It won't really matter, as I am no longer in that desirable demographic. I'm just a woman of a certain age.

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