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Friday, July 8, 2011

Please consider contacting TNT to request a Season 3 of Men Of A Certain Age

Here is the page with the link to send them an email.

Write what you feel, short or somewhere under the character limit. I tried to stress why the show is good and what my demographic/benefit to advertisers is. Advertisers are key (if you actually bought anything due to watching the show, mention it).

My plea - without a lot of forethought.
I'm not going to be able to tell you all the reasons that you should pick up Men of a Certain Age for a third season, but:

It's like Life only with better writers. And it's more real to most of us than 30something (I was 30 just as 30something ended).

It's about our lives - we aren't all cops or doctors or aliens from the future. It's abouy Reality - without being a Reality show (they are cheap to make but you get what you pay for - they are sensationalistic and they just amp up the hate: we hate that character, and maybe our next door neighbor as well).

They make us better. We can relate to the characters and they try and fail and try again - and maybe we will too.
It gives us hope - that our 50s don't have to stink - and remember, we are Boomers - there are so many of us, they had to build new schools to fit us. We buy lots of stuff.

Scott Bakula is gorgeous - with or without a shirt - and this is the best show he's been in since 1993.

Peabody Award.

Ray Romano can act and Braugher is semi-royalty.

We will all cry if you don't.
Young people and Women of a Certain Age love it too.

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