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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TV -- Verified, Scott on SVU, Wednesday at 9pm ET, NBC

My DVR had to have its schedule updated by hand, but thankfully I remembered the command to do that and it is now showing Scott as a guest on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  Wednesday, 9pm ET on NBC (that is the full title of the series, in case you couldn't find it like I couldn't because I was searching for SVU.

Also we have on channel 5 (or at least that's where our cable system puts it - it's WFTT - so you can look up what network that is) at 6:59am ET on Thursday, they are airing Mi Familia. Of course they are airing in en Espanol. It was a very good movie though, and I'm not sure I have ever seen it on TV. Scott is only in a few scenes, so if you just want to record and watch for him... Sad, though, because it's a good movie, wish it was airing in English.

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