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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Online -- Bakology (The Study of Scott) WEEK 1 at SBFF

Long, long ago on a website far, far away, Helene and Layla joined forces to create a website dedicated to the history of Scott's career - in bi-weekly increments.
It was derailed by Real Life, but it is now back, taking up transient residence on the SBFF (yup - same SBFF: when they offer to share, I don't quibble).

WEEK 1: 1954 - 1976 is currently up, and if I read it correctly (it's 1 am so possibly I didn't) it's only the downloads that will be limited to a 7 day life-span, but whatever it is that is only 7 days, you should definitely get yourself over there, and read it. Preferably when you are awake. :-)

And for those of you who wonder why I would post a link to this after the previous post, I will quote Helene's post on the topic:

Feel free to enjoy all of the things I post or offer download links for but I would appreciate it if none of the items nor links were reposted to other websites. Links to the posts on the SBFF, however, are always welcome.

So there it is - a link to the SBFF (above).
As far as I am aware - feel free to correct me - credit for this is to Helene for putting it together and Trudy for hosting. So, thanks to both of them. I actually do appreciate it when people take the time to assemble information (and this one is going to be a lot of work - which is most of the reasons I've never done it. (Also, when I started my "site," Ailsa was covering Scott's past work, so I just posted a link to her site - she just never did it with visual aids.))

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