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Friday, June 25, 2010

Sightings -- Scott, Shatner, and Shatner's New Documentary

Didn't quite have a category for this one (fixed that). The other day, a fan took a picture of Scott and William Shatner at a restaurant. While observing that "Scott has finally met Shatner," fans wondered what was up.
This article explains. it turns out, is the concept behind his forthcoming Star Trek documentary, The Captains.

“I’m talking to all the captains of Star Trek,” explains Shatner. “I’m hoping to find things out about them that even they themselves don’t know. And in the process find out about myself.”

The article also contains the aforementioned photo (shot by an anonymous fan) and a Tweet from Shatner.

The documentary is being shot for a network in Canada. There is no mention as to whether it will air in the US.

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